Ultrapure Vacuum Salt Tablets

Our Ultrapure range

As a matter of course, our food grade Ultrapure salt products all contain the anti-caking agent FAN 535 or 536, but can be specified as “anti-cake free”. We have the flexibility to produce custom specialty grades and welcome the opportunity to work with you on your specific food grade salt needs. As standard, we offer all products in 25kg and 1,200kg bulk bags. Ultrapure Fine Grain Salt and Ultrapure Microfine will be available in 20kg bulk bags.

Ultrapure Vacuum Salt

  • Manufactured from Food Grade Vacuum Salt
  • Specifically for use in; High Performance Water Softening and Chlorine Generation Systems

Superior clean-through packaging

Salt International has developed innovative packaging to ensure our food grade salt retains its purity and integrity end-to-end

There’s pure brilliance in the ease and safety of Ultrapure’s packaging. Clear, high-strength, non-slip P/E bags that are:

  • simple to carry
  • simple to open
  • simple to pour
  • double-wrapped and delivered on food grade card board pallets

Superior satisfaction

Ultrapure will add satisfaction, confidence and value all round – for your customers and for you.

And you will never look back from our personalised, no-call-centre ordering system and streamlined shipping process.