Ultrapure Super Fine Grain Vacuum Salt

Ultrapure Fine Grain Salt

Commonly used as an addition to flavouring and in flavouring salt (NZ). Screened <300µm with approximate grain size of 130µm.

We can customise additives to suit your specific needs for handling properties and shelf life.

Typical additives include:

  • Tixolex (Sodium silica aluminate) 1% or 2%
  • TCP (Tri Calcium Phosphate) 1%
  • Silicon Dioxide 0.5%
  • Iodised

Superior clean-through packaging

Salt International has developed innovative packaging to ensure our food grade salt retains its purity and integrity end-to-end

There’s pure brilliance in the ease and safety of Ultrapure’s packaging. Clear, high-strength, non-slip P/E bags that are:

  • simple to carry
  • simple to open
  • simple to pour
  • double-wrapped and delivered on food grade card board pallets

Superior satisfaction

Ultrapure will add satisfaction, confidence and value all round – for your customers and for you.

And you will never look back from our personalised, no-call-centre ordering system and streamlined shipping process.