Ultrapure Fine Grain Vacuum Salt

Ultrapure Fine Grain Vacuum Salt is a very high-quality salt suitable for human consumption

This product is specially screened to less than 300µm – approximate aveage grain size 130µm and is commonly used in special flavouring applications, snack foods, baking and applications requiring a fine grain size.

This product is very free flowing however if required we can customise additives to suit your specific needs to further enhace handling properties and shelf life.

Typical additives include:

  • Tixolex (Sodium silica aluminate) 1% or 2%
  • TCP (Tri Calcium Phosphate) 1%
  • Silicon Dioxide 0.5%
  • Iodised

Extended range – same quality, more choice.

Our extended range of Ultrapure food grade salt gives you more choice than ever before, without any compromise to quality or service.

Look to our entire Ultrapure food grade salt range for:

  • super high purity
  • super safe food quality
  • super free flowing
  • super easy handling
  • super value for money
  • super flexibility to produce custom specialty grades

Ultrapure is the superior choice for your business and for your customers.

Superior quality – for food and dairy

Our products measure up to the best.

Salt International’s food grade manufacturing facilities are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 22000(HACCP), Halal and Kosher, and our products comply with FSANZ Food Standard Code 2.10.2, AS2093 and BS 998.1990 and have been independently audited by some of the world’s largest international food companies.

We provide world-standard, price-competitive vacuum salt with superior purity to locally “refined” solar salt.

Superior clean-through packaging

Salt International has developed innovative packaging to ensure our food grade salt retains its purity and integrity end-to-end

There’s pure brilliance in the ease and safety of Ultrapure’s packaging. Clear, high-strength, non-slip P/E bags that are:

  • simple to carry
  • simple to open
  • simple to pour
  • double-wrapped and delivered on food grade card board pallets

Superior satisfaction

Ultrapure will add satisfaction, confidence and value all round – for your customers and for you.

And you will never look back from our personalised, no-call-centre ordering system and streamlined shipping process.